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"Let's Expand Our Horizons!"

New Start

The San Joaquin Stormwater Quality Partnership (SJSWQP) is expanding its reach to include the entire San Joaquin Valley and we're changing our name.  We are now the San Joaquin Valley Stormwater Quality Partnership or SJVSWQP.  We are anticipating sharing ideas with and about:
  • New partnership members,
  • New stormwater programs,
  • New public outreach programs,
  • New SWPPP trainings, and
  • New visions with goals for stormwater permitting
All SJVSWQP members work together to improve Water Quality for all of our communities and watersheds effectively.

Any Phase I or Phase II designee in the San Joaquin Valley can join the newly renamed SJVSWQP and attend our monthly meetings.

Check out our success story!


One of the partnership members, WGR Southwest, Inc., provides a monthly newsletter with information on the California Construction General Permit (CGP).

It's an excellent source for the latest news as well as Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) knowledge.

Our Activities

SJVSWQP works together!  Here we go!

How can I help?
  • Limit fertilizer and pesticide use.
  • Don't blow grass clippings into streets.
  • Sweep, don't wash, grass clippings from sidewalks and driveways.
  • Keep vehicles in good condition to reduce leaks, spills, and rust.
  • Pick up pet waste and dispose of properly.
  • Report illicit and illegal discharges to your agency's stormwater hotline number.

Posted by Koosun Kim
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